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Jacek Zalesny, Yaroslav Szymanek Restrictions of the legislative powers of the Parliament as a condition for establishing a balanced authorities: historical and constitutional considerations Volume 44, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
E.V. Ivanova, А.В. Rostovtsev The main directions of national forensic system integration for investigation DNA Volume 44, № 4 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
L.I. Aleksandrova The main features and problems of identifying tax evasion Volume 42, №24 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
G.G. Zagaynova Special economic zone as a legal experiment in the development of territories in Russian Federation Volume 43, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
A.N. Aleksandrov, I.N. Arhiptsev Features of the subjective side of crimes committed by minors in the Belgorod region Volume 43, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
M.V. Markhgeym, A.I. CHerenkova Open party lists: people-power resources and associated electoral risks Volume 45, № 1 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
G.A. Borisov, V.A. Noskov, V.S. Mochalov Politics and law as the hypostasis of power: the criterion of regulatory separation Volume 44, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
E.E. Frolova Legal regulation of alternative dispute resolution between suppliers and consumers of financial services in Singapore Volume 42, №24 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
E.E. Tonkov , L.A. Pozharova Legal regulation in the conditions of digitalization of society: problems and prospects Volume 44, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
O.N. Vladimirova, A.V. Sokurov, V.I. Raduto, T.V.Ermolenko Legal aspects of definition of the concept "The organization which is carrying out activity in the field of rehabilitation and abilitation of disabled people" and classification of the organizations Volume 43, № 2 Philosophy. Sociology. Law

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