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M.A. Chaplygina, T.V. Pavlova, K.I. Proshhaev, I.A. Pavlov, V.A. Markovskaja, A.V. Nesterov Cancer of the kidney in the age aspect Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
R.A. Enikeeva, E.A. Klimkina, U.U. Zhidkova Regulation of requirements to storage conditions of thermolabile medicines in national health care Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.S. Gontareva Improvement of diagnostics of chronic periodontitis and periodontitis in children, taking into account the informative parameters Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
D.O. Zamulin Improving the organization of medical and preventive actions in case of chronic periodontitis in children based on his prediction Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
O.Yu. Somkina, A.V. Merinov, M.A. Baykova, I.M. Shishkova Comparative suicidological characteristics of women and men from alcohol dependence Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.E. Sukhanov, O.V. Buyuklinskaya, R.G. Koptyaeva Steroid connections of the phytogenesis: phytoecdysones (phytoecdysteroids). Scientometric research of data of scientific and practical literature Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.B. Kovalenko, Z.Yu. Chefranova, V.D. Polyansky, N.S. Zueva, Yu.A. Lykov, A.P. Grigorenko Treatment tactics in patients in the acute period of atherosclerotic subtype of ischemic stroke Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.V. Ruzhenkova, V.A. Ruzhenkov, I.Ju. Shkileva, E.V. Sheljakina, Ju.N. Gomeljak Educational stress and somatoform autonomic dysfunction among the first year medical students Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.Ya. Yatsyuk, O.A. Eletskaya Element composition of some types raw materials of Aesculus hippocastanum l. Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy

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