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Vanushkin A.S., Dadashev B.A. Economic efficiency of configuration of alternative energy system in Crimea Volume 47 № 1 Economics. Computer Science
G.V. Uskov Economic relations between the cities and Berber tribes in the roman North Africa of the era of the Antonines Volume 46, № 3 History. Politology
O. V. Miheenko, A.B. Titov Economic development of Russia`s regions and modern industrial policy Volume 45, №1 Economics. Computer Science
V.L. Kolesnikova Economic condition of Kursk and Tambov provinces convents in the second half of XIX-th – the beginning of XX-th centuries Volume 39, №15 History. Politology
М.V. Tretyakova Digressions into British history in the final reports of the Venetian ambassadors in England in the 30-ies – 50-ies of 16-th century Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
V.V. Savchenko, T.A. Solovyova Experimental study of phonetic properties of the speech signal on the basis of its information-theoretic model Volume 45, №1 Economics. Computer Science
Md All Rayhan, V.V. Bulynin, D.V. Bulynin, B.E. Leibovich, L.P. Bondarenko EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF SURGICAL TREATMENT TACTICS OF PATIENTS WITH BOERHAAVE SYNDROME Volume 41, №1 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.S. Danilova, Yu.A. Drygina, T.V. Perutskaya Means of contemporary English language in the representation of landscape design trends Volume 37, №1 Humanities
D.A. Tarasova Export of mass culture as a weak element of China's soft power Volume 46, № 1 History. Politology
А.Yu. Khudaverdyan, S.G. Devedjyan, Vartanyan, А.А. Yengibaryan EXTRAORDINARY BURIALS FROM LORI BERD MONUMENT: INTERPRETATION OPPORTUNITIES Volume 45, №1 History. Politology

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