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Giorgio Scotoni The catholic version of «Civilization’s war»: the contribution of clerical ideology to fascist antisoviet propaganda Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
A.A. Kiyashchenko Slander and insult in reflecting the representations of the honor and dignity of the Russian nobility at the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX centuries Volume 46, № 3 History. Politology
K.D. Bugrov Constructivist medical complexes of Urals in the period of 1920-ies and 1930-ies: architecture and exposition Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
R.G. Bukanova, A.A. Sharipov Frontier conception as a cognitive tool in studying the history of Russian-kazakhstan relations in the XVIII–XIX century Volume 45, №2 History. Politology
S.S. Zhuravlev, A.V. Perepelitsyn Peasant’s trade in Voronezh province in the post-reform period (second half of XIX – beginning of XX century) Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
M.I. Vtorushin The crisis of agrarian relations in Siberia in the early twentieth century Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
P.Yu. Melnikov Nuclear peasant family of the Saratov province (according to data of the Zemsky agricultural census 1880–90s) Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
G.V. Ibneyeva, A.I. Lebedeva The local authorities of the german lands and subjects of the colonization policy of the Russian empire abroad: the experience of the interaction Volume 46, № 2 History. Politology
V.V. Penskoy The moscow fire of 1547 and its political consequences: the experience of rein-terpretation Volume 46, № 3 History. Politology
N.I. Bondarev, T.A. Bondareva Intention of the Western Caucasus dolmens Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology

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