Columnistics of Svetislav Basara as an embodiment of the category of authorship in the serbian journalistic text

Author(s):  A.N. Zhavoronkova, no, no, Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 38, № 4

Rubric:  Journalism and public relations

Annotation:  A new round of development of strategic communications and a powerful influence on the media of the global globalization processes require updating at the speech level the relationship between the author-publicist and the audience, modernizing the authorship category in the journalistic segment of the media discourse. An analysis of the speech embodiment of one of the key textual categories is carried out on the example of the author’s column of the outstanding Serbian prose writer and publicist Svetislav Basara, published on the pages of the socio-political newspaper “Danas” (Today). The speech tools used by the author to translate the installation into a dialogue with the addressee are typologized; Factors that determine the specificity of the recipient hypothesis broadcast by the columnist in their texts are revealed. We assume that the type of dialogic relations that arise in the texts of the column by Svetislav Basara determines the role repertoire of the author-publicist, who, in turn, dictates the form of speech representation of the authorship category. The linguodiscourse direction in the development of media linguistics, in the Serbian scientific environment, has not yet received much attention, and therefore, from a methodological point of view, this study can be considered innovative. The international component related to the experience of foreign Slavic-speaking media, in particular, Serbia, allows a comparative perspective to look at Russian media, taking a fresh look at the current state of affairs in the speech practice of domestic media

Keywords:  journalistic text, columnist, category of authorship, author’s roles, dialogism, intentionality

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