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V.V. Sukhodolskaya Some aspects of the problem of prevention of tuberculosis children of early age (review of foreign literature) Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.A. Kopytov, A.V. Nikishaeva, L.B. Pashchenko, I .E. Fedorova, N.M. Kunitsyna, Z.K. Kozyreva The study of changes in the body of adolescents with combined pathology of the oral cavity and digestive organs Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
N.A. Ivanov, V.V. Sorokin, A.V. Markova Disaggregation of the agglomerates during releasing from the inhaler Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.V. Simanov Modern features of the anamnesis of patients from preeklampsiа varying severity Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
O.A. Kisteneva, E.A. Berdnikova, Kistenev V.V. Formation and development of the regional state budgetary health care institution «Tomarovskaya district hospital named after I.S. Sal'tevskij» Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.A. Maylyan Cytokine levels in postmenopausal women depending on IL-6, TNFSF11 and TNFRSF11B genes polymorphisms Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
O.A. Efremova, N.I. Golovina, M.A. Krivoruchenko, L.A. Kamyshnikova Factors leading to the development of osteoporosis in patients with ischemic heart disease in combination with rheumatoid arthritis Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Soboleva The chemical, physical and mechanical properties of light-cured basic material «Nolatek» Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy

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