Interaction of structures on public relations and mass-media

Author(s):  I.V. Sidorskaya, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus,

Issue:  Volume 37, № 2

Rubric:  Journalism and public relations

Annotation:  Interaction of structures on communications from the public /press services with mass media is being in-vestigated. The purpose of the article is to identify problems in the interaction, to find ways to optimize it. The conclusions are based on the analysis of a series of expert interviews, round tables and focus groups which are carried out at the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University in 2014–2017 with representatives of media, press-secretaries and employees of PR departments of state, commercial and public organizations. The increased role of PR specialists as sources of relevant and reliable information was revealed, increasing the confidence of media representatives in them, the desire of journalists and public relations specialists to cooperate constructively, but a number of barriers that hampered such inter-action were also discovered. The main problems in the relationship between PR structures and the media, as well as ways to realize mutual expectations, are identified. The willingness of both sides to cooperate with the leading role of representatives of the institute of public relations was confirmed. The results of the research create prerequisites for increase in the social status and humanization of public relations as specialized type of professional activity. They can be applied to development of educational programs of training of specialists for public relations and journalists and also improvement of communication policy of the organizations of various spheres and forms of ownership for achievement of mutual understanding and establishment of trust with media and the public.

Keywords:  public relations (PR), journalism, mass media, interaction, problems, optimization.

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