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S.V. Radaev, O.O. Basov, K.I. Myasin, A.I. Motienko Embedding steganographic messages into MPEG-4 video files Volume 45, № 4 Economics. Computer Science
S.V. Radaev, D.V. Orlov, O.O. Basov Steganographic combination algorithm of embedding the confidential information into the jpeg digital images Volume 44, №23 Economics. Computer Science
A.I. Ofitserov, O.O. Basov, S.S. Batchurin Conceptual bases of maintenance of complex safety on critical objects Volume 47 № 1 Economics. Computer Science
D.V. Shelkovyy, O.Y. Mironov, O.O. Basov The real-time data streams modelling in secure corporate multiservice communication networks by application of deterministic network calculus theory Volume 45, № 3 Economics. Computer Science
A.A. Osipenko, O.O. Basov The modeling of systems of non-destructive control of electronic modules based on the information theory Volume 45, №1 Economics. Computer Science
A.V. Smirnov, A.P. Khakhamov, Yu.V. Kiselev, P.Yu. Khakhamov, O.O. Basov Approaches to selection of input and output devices of distributed terminal systems Volume 46, № 2 Economics. Computer Science
D.D. Poleshenkov, O.O. Basov Pitch frequency separation method based on a frequency demodulation Volume 46, № 2 Economics. Computer Science
A.V. Smirnov, V.V. Bezruzhko, O.O. Basov Theoretical bases of the construction of cyber-physical system development Volume 46, № 3 Economics. Computer Science

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