Embedding steganographic messages into MPEG-4 video files

Author(s):  S.V. Radaev, Federal state military educational institution of higher professional education "Academy of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation", Orel, Russia, radik0782@mail.ru

O.O. Basov, Dr., associate Professor, Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, St. Petersburg, Russia, oobasov@mail.ru

K.I. Myasin, candidate of Sciences, The Federal state government military educational institution of higher education «The Academy of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation», Orel, Russia

A.I. Motienko, candidate of Sciences, St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia, anna.gunchenko@gmail.com

Issue:  Volume 45, № 4

Rubric:  Infocommunication technologies

Annotation:  Currently, in the conditions of dynamic development of computer technologies along with cryptographic methods the methods of steganography as an alternative means of protecting confidential data are of significant interest. In this connection the analysis of the organization file structures video files of various formats from the point of view of steganographic containers is presented in this paper The article selected MPEG 4 video files as steganographic containers, justified the relevance of this choice and practical significance. Based on the analysis of available steganographic programs, various ways for embedding a steganographic message are presented, the essence of which is to modify the format data. From the presented ways for incorporation of the most preferred and based on them algorithms, which have increased the steganographic strength. The advantage of the proposed algorithms is the absence of violations of the overall organizational structure of the file stream. In addition, the expediency of combinational application of cryptographic and steganographic methods of information protection is actualized

Keywords:  atom, videofile, information protection, confidential information, steganography, steganographic strength, hash-code

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