Investigations of fine particles concentrations in the atmospheric air of residential areas of the city of Belgorod

Author(s):  Andrey E. Borovlev, candidate of Sciences, no, Belgorod state national research University, Belgorod, Russia, candidate of geographical Sciences,

Issue:  Volume 44, № 1

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  This paper presents the results of instrumental determination of fine suspended particles in atmospheric air on the territory of the residential areas of the city of Belgorod. Measurements were made using the DustTrak 8520 laser analyzer. The ratio PM10 : PM2.5 : TSP – 0,57 : 0,28 : 1,0 was obtained. It was found that the proportion of particles of the PM10 fraction in the sum of solid particles is fr om 55,1 to 58,6 %, PM2.5 – 25,5–32,4 %. The maximum single surface concentrations of fine particles were not found to exceed the maximum permissible concentration (MPC). The MPC exceeded the average daily and average annual surface concentrations of RM10 and PM2.5 (up to 2,2 MPC). It is recommended to perform dust monitoring at stationary posts in full with 4-time sampling and continuous monitoring using automatic devices for determining fine fractions of suspended particles, as well as work to establish the permissible contributions of enterprises to air pollution with fine particles. The obtained data may be used to calculate the risks to public health from exposure to construction materials industry objects and to objectively assess the content of fine suspended particles in cities wh ere monitoring for PM10 and PM2.5 in atmospheric air is not carried out.

Keywords:  Belgorod, air pollution, fine particles, monitoring, dust, РМ10, РМ2.5, TSP.

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