Formation of the methodology for forecasting the work of the collaboration technological circuit within the framework of the economic system of the meso-level

Author(s):  I.O. Malykhina, candidate of Sciences, no, Belgorod State Technological University V.G. Shukhov, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 47 № 1

Rubric:  Investment and innovations

Annotation:  The relevance of this study is associated with the need to search for drivers of innovative and investment nature, contributing to the development of economic systems, in particular the mesoscale. A collaborative technological circuit operating in the regional economic system is considered as a similar driver with the potential of innovative investment and technological development. The aim of this work is to formulate a methodology for predicting the work of a collaborative technological circuit in the framework of the mesoscale economic system. It is proved that the ability to predict trends and specific indicators of innovative and technological development of the region contributes to the effective and timely adjustment of the strategy of technological and economic development. The essential characteristics of the collaborative technological circuit as an innovation and investment driver of the economic development of the mesoscale economy are analyzed. A technique for predicting the work of a collaborative technological circuit in the regional economic system is presented.

Keywords:  innovations, investments, collaborative technological circuit, forecasting, high-tech sector, economic system.

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