CPN-based simulation software for business process throughput analysis

Author(s):  I.V. Artamonov, candidate of Sciences, no, Baikal State University, Irkutsk, Russia, ivan.v.artamonov@gmail.com

Issue:  Volume 47 № 1

Rubric:  System analysis and processing of knowledge

Annotation:  It’s necessary to measure business process throughput during development and implementation of corporate information systems. A system of throughput metrics for such analysis is determined by business process nature, while its quality depends on analyst experience. Current technologies do not provide a method for objective measuring of future business processes throughput efficiency being either too primitive or too complex for real-world enterprise models. Throughput metrics are generally difficult to study with formal methods, since in addition to the structure of the process, it is necessary to take into account time aspects, which can be stochastic in general. The paper presents simulation software for analysis of business process throughput. The program uses Timed Coloured Petri Nets for representing an interaction scheme, CPN Tools for simulation and is ruled by an application server through web-oriented interface. On the whole the simulation package is designed for using in distributed environment and allows carrying out an analysis by several researchers concurrently.

Keywords:  business process, computer simulation, throughput, performance, CPN Tools, Coloured Petri Net.

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