Teaching congresses in Belarus (second half of the ХІХ – early XX centuries)

Author(s):  V.M. Оstroga, candidate of Sciences, no, Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, ostroga.v@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 47, № 1

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  The purpose of this study is to consider the conditions of organization and tasks of teachers' congresses as one of the important forms of social and pedagogical movement, as well as to assess the degree of their effectiveness for the educational process in educational institutions of Belarus. Against the background of the characteristics of the general political situation in the country and the contradictions in the development of the education system, the evolution of the idea of holding teachers' congresses and the experience of their practical implementation is shown. In chronological sequence examples of the held teacher congresses are presented, the importance and efficiency of their carrying out is analyzed. The rules and objectives of the organization of congresses, the composition of participants, the issues under consideration are disclosed. The conclusions drawn by the author are based on the use of legal acts, archival sources and materials of pre-revolutionary periodicals.

Keywords:  teachers' congresses, pedagogical intelligentsia, educational institutions, pedagogical courses, teachers' societies.

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DOI:  10.18413/2687-0967-2020-47-1-120-129

Reference to article:  Оstroga V.M. 2020. Teaching congresses in Belarus (second half of the ХІХ – early XX centuries). Via in tempore. History and political science, 47(1): 120–129 (in Russian). DOI