To the question of possible causes of «rejuvenation» of the protest moods in Russia

Author(s):  V.V. Titov, candidate of Sciences, no, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia,

N.A. Samohvalov, no, no, Balakovo branch of RANEPA, Balakovo, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 47, № 1

Rubric:  Topical issues of political science

Annotation:  In this article, the authors consider youth as a basic element of Russian politics. Considering that youth is one of the hidden resources of society, the mobilization of which in many respects depends on its viability, the authors focus on consideration of the problematic aspects facing the youth of Russia at the present stage. At the same time, it is noted, not without reason, that the young generation of citizens of the Russian Federation, without receiving specific proposals and mechanisms for resolving issues that are relevant to them on the part of state authorities, are forced to express their civic position by organizing a protest movement and directly participating in it. In the context of what has been said, it should be noted that recently youth protest is in the stage of intensification, and is also expanding its socio-political agenda. In the framework of this article, the authors paid special attention to some of the reasons underlying the process of «rejuvenating» the protest moods in Russia.

Keywords:  youth, state, state youth policy, youth protest.

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DOI:  10.18413/2687-0967-2020-47-1-211-217

Reference to article:  Titov V.V., Samohvalov N.A. 2020. On the question of possible causes of «rejuvenation» of the protest moods in Russia. Via in tempore. History and political science, 47(1): 211–217 (in Russian). DOI