Analysis method errors, that occur when measuring the coefficient of mutual diffusion of gases, at the initial time the method open at one end of the capillary

Author(s):  A.T. Kuznetsov, Scientifically-research institute of experimental and theoretical physics, Almaty, Republic Kazakhstan,

Issue:  Volume 50, № 3

Rubric:  Physics

Annotation:  At measuring of coefficients of mutual diffusion, in initial times, while the chosen frame of reference (there is the middle volume frame of reference in our case, the sum of by volume streams is equal to the zero) was not set, there are errors, at the use of calculation formulas of methods. For the analysis of the got results, took advantage of physics and mathematic model (Gausse) describing casual sizes in the chosen positive interval of values, examining the obtained empiric data, as pseudorandom sizes. The got graphic result showed that in a time domain equal 950 s, front of concentration, studied component, moves and arrives at the closed butt end of capillary (length of capillary is equal 100 sm), with the coefficient of diffusion near to the veritable coefficient of diffusion. To estimate time of establishment of the middle volume frame of reference, replaced a hydrodynamic stream, arising up at baroeffect diffusive (because on a size they are approximately equal), with the mean value of coefficient of diffusion. Time of motion of this diffusive stream, settles accounts on a formula – decision of physics and mathematic task describing casual sizes. It appeared equal 1050 s, and resulting time, idest time of establishment of the middle volume frame of reference 2000 s, in a dimensionless kind 0,23 (criterion of diffusive Fourier).. That well comports with the graphic analysis of empiric data. And so, by the calculation formulas of method, in the process of diffusion of gases, it is possible to avail since the chosen frame of reference will be set, but time is needed for this purpose. In our case this time is equal to 2000 c, or in a dimensionless kind 0,23. The analysis of empiric data showed that the coefficient of mutual diffusion depended on a concentration in initial times

Keywords:  statistical model, the concentration, the coefficient of mutual diffusion

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