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S.P. Shapovalova, I.V. Istomina The transformation of Russian female peasants` views on marriage in the late 19th century through the 1930s in the context of folk chastushkas Volume 45, №2 History. Politology
D.C. Gudov Transformation of nobles and merchants’ relations during the post-reform period in socio-psychological context Volume 46, № 3 History. Politology
V.Y.Polyakov The third Stalin blow as myth and reality Volume 46, № 1 History. Politology
Z.Z. Mukhina, S.V. Kannykin, L.N. Pivovarova Thirty years from the history of scientific direction in domestic historiography (to the anniversary of Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Natalia Lvovna Pushkareva) Volume 46, № 3 History. Politology
A.M. Belov, A.A. Rybin Workforce of central Russia on the development of virgin lands in the 1954–1964: regional historiography Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
T.P. Malyutina Participation of the Кomanian mountain corps in the fightings against the guerilla resistance in Сrimea in winter of 1943 – 1944 Volume 46, № 1 History. Politology
V.M. Оstroga Teaching congresses in Belarus (second half of the ХІХ – early XX centuries) Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
I.M. Pushkareva FINANCIAL STATUS OF RUSSIA. 1914–1917. (NOTES ON THE MARGINS OF HISTORICAL WORKS). PART 1 Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
I.M. Pushkareva Financial status of Russia.1914–1917. (notes on the margins of historical works). Part 2 Volume 46, № 1 History. Politology
М.S. Venikova Formation of civil society in Imperial Russia at the end of the XIX-th – the beginning of the ХХ-th: enlightenm Volume 44, №22 History. Politology

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