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E.V. Pocherevin Attempts to reform veterinary medicine in Tomsk Province in the late XIX - early XX centuries Volume 44, №22 History. Politology
V.V. Kanishchev Overcoming social specificity of the population of the southern Russian frontier at the end of XVIII – first half of XIX century (on materials of Tambov province) Volume 45, №2 History. Politology
A.V. Skovorodnikov, D.S. Degtyarev Adoption of a new master plans of cities at the second half of XIXth century (by the example of Tomsk region) Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
D.V. Naumov The problem of improving the life of orthodox clergy on the pages of «Duhovny vestnik» journal (1862–1863) Volume 46, № 2 History. Politology
M.V. Os`kin The food supply of the Russian western front during the First World War (1915–1917) Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
A.V. Sakharov The project to transformation to navigable condition the river Seim in the thirties of the XIX century (on materials of Kursk Province) Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
E.P. Ermachkova Antidissident activity of Russian orthodox church in the Siberian province at the boundary of the XIX-XX centuries Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
V.A. Ivanov Professional training of officials of local state agencies of the russian empire to the end of the reign of Nicholas I Volume 46, № 2 History. Politology
I.S. Efremova, A.N. Moshkin The development of bill of exchange law in the Russian empire in XVIII century (by materials of magistrates’office work of the Kursk region) Volume 46, № 2 History. Politology
E.O. Sysoeva Local government reorganization in the Volga-Ural region (1820-ies) Volume 45, №2 History. Politology

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