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Author Title File Number Issue
A.V. Alekseenko, C. Drebenstedt Environmental Impact Assessment and Reclamation Of Marl Quarry Dumps Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
N.N. Ryabova, E.G. Zakharova, M.I. Dergacheva Estimation of the Dependence of Humus Component Correlation of Mountain Altai Soils on Climate Elements Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
O.V. Spesivyj, Ya.V. Pavlyuk, N.S. Polumordvinov EVALUATION OF SILTATION OF THE BELGOROD OBLAST RIVERS Volume 42, №1 Natural Sciences
E.A. Terekhin Evaluation and Automated Mapping the Modern Forest Coverage of Small Flat-Bottom Valleys in the Belgorod Region Using Satellite Data Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
Andrey A. Blackburn, O.N. Kalinihin Estimate of the Migration Potential of Ecological Network in Aleksandrovsky District (Donetsk Region) Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
I.V.Zamotaev, V.P. Belobrov, S.A.Judin, D.V. Belobrova Assessment of Soil Properties in Monitoring Land at Regional-Local Level Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
Y.G. Chendev , E.S. Bespalova Assessment of the Role of Shelterbelts in Optimization of Soils and Landscapes: Literature Review of Information Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
A.A. Okolelova, V.N. Kaplya, A.G. Lapchenkov Evaluation of Oil Content in Soil Volume 43, № 1 Natural Sciences
E.S. Bespalova, O.M. Sablina Assessment of shelterbelts and erosion relief in the river basin of Vezelka (Belgorod region) Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
T.I. Prozhorina, S.A. Kurolap, T.V. Nagih Estimation of Environmental State Small Rivers of the Voronezh Region Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences

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