On the problem of the justinian’s novels translation Into russian

Author(s):  Y.A. Kreydun, Dr., Prof., Barnaul theological college, Barnaul, Russia, krey70@mail.ru

V.V. Serov, Dr., Prof., Altay institute of economics, Barnaul, Russia, wseroff@yandex.ru

Issue:  Volume 44, №22

Rubric:  Topical issues of world history

Annotation:  The correct and adequate translation of Later Roman leges (imperial constitutions and novels) into Russian is the old philological and historical problem. It separates the modern Russian specialists in two main groups by their attitude to the translation. In one of these groups is dominated the preference of the literary decoration for the translated text, whereas the representatives of another group consider as necessary the safety and retranslation of the original content of this sources. Both these approaches have some deficiencies which distort the historical realities and senses set in a document. In the publication is proposed a new approach to the translation from Greek and Latin into Russian, in the frames of which the better qualities of aforesaid mentioned “philological” and “historical” methods have to be combined. As a result, finished translation of concrete source should be philologically accurate and historically precise. Necessary commentaries to it only explain the author’s choice of Russian-language equivalents for the special ancient terms and concepts. Exempli gratia here is given the firstly made full translation into Russian the text of Novel III of Justinian I, with some explanatory notes.

Keywords:  Novels of Justinian the Great, translation into Russian, philological and historical approaches

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