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М.А. Vedeshkin, А.А. Sochilin Carmen contra paganos (The Poem against the Nations) Volume 38, №8 History. Politology
S.A. Sakharov Administrative corruption and the system of counteraction to administrative abuse in the later roman empire Volume 44, №22 History. Politology
A.M. Bolgova, M.A. Rudneva Alexandrian school between the middle and the end of 6th century: Olympiodorus, Elias, David Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
V.P. Mitrophanov, E.Y. Aleshina English peasants and agrarian policy of the Tudors and the first Stuarts: legislation and peasant mentality through social conflict communication (1550–1640-s) Volume 45, №1 History. Politology
S.G. Bocharov ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE GENOESE GASARIA IN THE 13-th – 15-th CENTURIES. DEFINITION OF TERM Volume 45, №1 History. Politology
M.P. Zhevnyak, O.V. Zhevnyak Banking lobbying in modern Russia as a form of lobbying Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
А.Yu. Khudaverdyan Bioarchaeological approach in studying of the iron age population of Armenia Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
D.E. Bogdanov The conflict of western and eastern courts of the roman empire in the end of 4th century Volume 44, №22 History. Politology
A.Ju. Kolesnikova, I.V. Zin’kovskaya Bronze articles belonging to the group of champleve enamels from sites in the southern part of Western Europe Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
A.A. Grechukhina Barbaric invasion and the military situation of Cyrenaica in the 4th – the beginning of 5th centuries (on the basis of Synesius‘ letters) Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology

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