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A.S. Stepanov, T.V. Kozhevnikova, I.S. Manzhula Development of the expert system for improving the efficiency of regional trade organizations of small and medium-sized business Volume 45, № 3 Economics. Computer Science
O.V. Vaganova, N.E. Solovjeva, A.P. Peresypkin Regional aspects of functioning and dynamics of development of AIC dairy sub-complex Volume 47 № 1 Economics. Computer Science
E.A. Nosachevskaya, R.V. Shumakhov Regional institutions for socio-economic development: current status and prospects Volume 44, №23 Economics. Computer Science
A.P. Dzyuba, I.A. Solovyova Reserves for the use of free energy capacities in the regions of Russia Volume 45, № 4 Economics. Computer Science
T.V. Nikitina, D.A. Chepakov, S.G. Kvekveskiri Richard Taler and his innovative approach to development of behavioural economy Volume 45, № 4 Economics. Computer Science
V.E. Dombrovskaia Role of the geographic factor of poverty problem among the rural population on the example of Belgorod, Vologda and Tver regions Volume 46, № 3 Economics. Computer Science
V.M. Poletaeva, A.M. Smulov Role of governmental programs of Russian banks support in their credit-and investment activity development Volume 45, №2 Economics. Computer Science
E.G. Zhylyakov, A.A. Chernomorets, N.O. Efimov HWR TEXT SEGMENTATION BASED ON SUBBAND ANALYSIS Volume 46, № 1 Economics. Computer Science
D.G. Bukhanov, V.M. Polyakov Network of adaptive-resonance theory with multilevel memory Volume 45, № 4 Economics. Computer Science
T.N. Balabanova, I.V. Trapeznikova Synthesis of panoramic images and their use in cytogenetic studies Volume 45, № 4 Economics. Computer Science

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