Role of governmental programs of Russian banks support in their credit-and investment activity development

Author(s):  V.M. Poletaeva, candidate of Sciences, no, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia,

A.M. Smulov, Dr., no, Private educational institution of higher education Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University for the Humanities , Moscow, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 45, №2

Rubric:  Investment and innovations

Annotation:  Article analysis role of banking sector governmental support programs in its credit-and-investment activity development. Authors consider credit institutions governmental financial support programs in period of sys-temic crisis exacerbation in 1998, 2008–2009, 2014–2016. On the basis of the research findings authors finds out, that governmental programs of banking sector support don’t reach its credit-and-investment activity. Au-thors generated ideas about reasons of such situation. Authors consider state-and-banking financing with gov-ernmental support on individual terms for certain investment project as the alternative way to undercut nega-tive influence of crisis exacerbations on banking system and national economy. Authors consider certain part of National Wealth Fund as the resource of state investments financing.

Keywords:  accounts receivable, accounts payable, balances, spontaneous financing, factoring.

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