Ways to make a comfortable socio-psychological climate in the lesson in the conditions of education informatization (on the example of lessons of geography)

Author(s):  Yu.Yu. Chikina, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Lugansk National University named after Taras Shevchenko, Lugansk, Russia, juliya-julchik@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 39, № 1

Rubric:  Pedagogics

Annotation:  An important condition for the harmonious development of the student's personality is the presence of a favorable socio-psychological climate in the school and classroom. This problem is particularly relevant in the context of Informatization of education, the widespread use of modern means of information and communication technologies. With the wide use of information technologies, the insufficient number of works in the aspect of the impact of the social and psychological climate on the quality of the educational process has not been sufficiently studied. The purpose of the study is to consider the main factors aimed at creating a favorable socio-psychological climate in the conditions of widespread use of information and communication technologies using the example of geography lessons. As a result of the research, the characteristic of favorable and unfavorable social and psychological climate in geography lessons is given. Psychological mechanisms of influence of Informatization of education on students in the educational process are indicated. The main factors that help to create a friendly emotional atmosphere at geography lessons in the conditions of widespread use of Informatization tools are identified, the main ways of forming and maintaining a favorable socio-psychological climate in the classroom in the conditions of Informatization of education are identified.

Keywords:  psychological climate, socio-psychological climate, information technology, information and communication technology, modern teaching aids, computerization of education.

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