Images of governesses', teachers, nannies in women's diaries and memories of the XIX-th – early XX-th centuries

Author(s):  Yu.V. Antonova, candidate of Sciences, no, Municipal budgetary educational institution «Education Center № 27», Tula, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 46, № 4

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  In the context of the development of female education in the XIXth  early XXth century approaches to the home education of all the girls are of great interest. The analysis of these approaches let us not only to identify the degree of educators influence and moral development of the girls, but also we are able to observe a controversial image of governesses, nannies and teachers in the girls minds. A low level of morality, teacher training and poor material security formed a negative image among the girls, and also all those factors did not meet the goals of the education and upbringing at the education at that time. Families lacked control over the educators and the teachers, and, because of this, the situation became worse. In addition, most mothers of that time did not have the necessary pedagogical education. Anyway, the role of the mothers increased significantly, when most women began to perceive upbringing as their important social duty. Womens diaries and memories allowed us to trace this trend.

Keywords:  education, moral education, governess, home teacher, nanny, diaries, memories.

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DOI:  10.18413/2075-4458-2019-46-4-697-704

Reference to article:  Antonova Yu.V. 2019. Images of governesses', teachers, nannies in women's diaries and memories of the XIXth – early XXth centuries. Belgorod State University Scientific Bulletin. History. Political Science, 46(4): 697–704 (in Russian). DOI 10.18413/2075-4458-2019-46-4-697-704