The study of corporate culture: theoretical and methodological foundations

Author(s):  O. M. Ozarkiv, Kerch state Maritime technological University, Kerch, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, № 3

Rubric:  Thesis

Annotation:  The article explores theoretical and methodological grounds for studying the phenomenon of corporate culture and analyzes evolutionary processes of the transformation of corporate culture through the comparison of terms and concepts of "corporate culture" and "organizational culture". It warrants the interpretation of corporate culture as an independent institutional formation. Analysis of specialized literature on labor culture supports the discussion on the prevalence of macro-social approaches to the study of corporate culture, referred to as pragmatic and phenomenological. The article takes a discursive approach to analyzing the relationship between corporate culture and human capital based on corporate communication. The paper presents theoretical views of scientists who made a significant contribution to the evolution of corporate culture. It is established that management of human resources and organizations in general has been a subject of scientific research for many years, beginning with so-called school of management. Corporate culture in this school is understood as a powerful means of rationalizing production. It is installed that the development of science about organization has inadvertently created the basis for ideas and concepts of the theory of corporate culture. In this regard, phenomenological approach is of interest, allowing one to study the culture of any company as a unique phenomenon that arises naturally and is capable of self-regulation. However, these concepts reveal some limitations, since the methods and means of an individual science are applied in the study. In this regard, the application of the discursive approach, which makes it possible to study the culture of labor from the position of intracorporate communications, and thereby bring new aspects into the theory and practice of corporate culture, is relevant.

Keywords:  corporate culture, organizational culture, organizational linguistics, discourse approach, discourse organization.

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