Stolnik P.A. Tolstoy about fountains of Rome

Author(s):  М.V. Tretyakova, The State University of Nizhny Novgorod, the Arzamas branch, Arzamas, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 46, № 2

Rubric:  Topical issues of world history

Annotation:  The article is devoted to the study of the period of stolnik P.A. Tolstoy stay in Rome in August 1698. The article deals with the fact that among the attractions of the Eternal City, the fountain, their design and exquisite beauty are particularly attracted stolnik’ attention. On the one hand, stolnik's travel notes make it possible to determine the fountain that caused his admiration, and on the other hand, in some cases it is difficult to do this, because of the insufficiency of the description of the construction given by author. P.A. Tolstoy’s description is distinguished by lapidary. Most often he uses such epithets as «awesome thing», «fair work», «incredible beauty» fountains. According to stolnik, Rome has a huge number of fountains, which are one of its architectural attractions. Among the epithets of Rome is such when the Eternal City is called the «city of fountains». Thus, although most of the time of P.A. Tolstoy's steward during his stay in Rome was set aside to get acquainted with the monuments of the faith and religious objects, the secular sights of the city, the less Roman fountains caused genuine interest in him.

Keywords:  Stolnik P.A. Tolstoy, travel notes, Rome, fountains, aqueduct, XVII century.

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