Explorations at the mountain Opuk (East Crimea) in 2010

Author(s):  S.A. Ermolin, Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, doryerm@yandex.ru

Issue:  Volume 46, № 1

Rubric:  Topical issues of world history

Annotation:  Opuk Mountain is the southernmost part of the Parpach ridge in the southeast of the Kerch Peninsula – with its table-shaped top (3x2 km) rises to 100–150 m above the surrounding terrain. Archaeological reconnaissance of 2010 was carried out on the territory of Maryevsky village council of Leninsky district Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The surveyed area reached approximately 20 km2. As a result, some archaeological monuments in the specified territory were clarified. As of year-end 2010 for the above objects, localization, area, distribution boundaries, and dating were specified, as well as data on the current state of the objects. The exploration of the territory of the settlement of Opuk East 1 made it possible to clarify its boundaries and reveal the material of the Bronze Age. Analysis of the materials obtained during exploration indicates the emergence of a settlement in the 4th century BC on the site of the settlement of the Bronze Age and its existence throughout the 4th and probably 3d cc. BC. Studies on the territory to the west of the settlement of Opukskoe East 1 revealed a settlement of medieval time, known as Opukskoe East 2. In the erosion of the beam, in the western part of the settlement, remnants of the construction of the middle ages were revealed. Also, reconnaissance along the highway of Koyashsky Val was made, which made it possible to clarify its coordinates and turning points.

Keywords:  archaeological research, Crimea, excavations, Opuk mountain.

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