Professional health of leader as a determinant of efficient organization functioning

Author(s):  M.Y. Dvoyeglazova, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Institute of Developing of Education, Murmansk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 38, № 1

Rubric:  Pedagogics

Annotation:  Attention is focused on the need for manager to implement in management activities. One of the priority goals of domestic public policy is building and maintaining values of a healthy lifestyle, professional healthy and longevity of citizens, which determines the progressive economic development and national security of the country. The absence of healthy lifestyle in the value-semantic system of a leader leads to the use of destructive ways of coping with the stress experienced in management activities and, as a consequence, deterioration of occupational health, negatively affecting the efficiency of the organization. Psychological and professional unpreparedness for doing official duties of the head (lack of professional activity normalization, high psycho-emotional stress of management activities due to the constant lack of resources, work in a situation of complete or partial uncertainty, constant moral and ethical, legal responsibility for the management decisions made and professional actions in front of society and the labor collective) caused deterioration of physical and occupational health.

Keywords:  destructive professiogenesis, health, health saving behavior, healthy lifestyle, nosocentric approach, normocentric approach, occupational health.

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