The world transnational media corporations as a segment of the globalisation on information activities

Author(s):  Yu.V. Markina, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Rostov State Transport University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, № 3

Rubric:  Journalism and public relations

Annotation:  In this article, the author considers the positions of the main leading media corporations in the global information space. An attempt has been made to characterize the intensification of media concentration processes with the dominant participation of Western media groups. The strategies of global market development by the world's largest media corporations have been identified, characterized and commented on. The author revealed that today the dominant role in the global information market is still allocated to such well-known American companies as Google, General Electric, Walt Disney Corp., Time Warner, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, Viacom. In addition, the article attempts to justify the multimedia nature of transnational media corporations, proceeding from the postulate that they usually simultaneously use several channels of information transmission. It is worth noting that, although the list of leading media concerns is periodically subject to transformation, all of them were formed in the 1990s. This means that we can talk about the long-term tradition of forming development strategies and developing the market, many of which continue to remain relevant to this day. In this context, the author pays special attention to such an approach as multimedia, or convergent

Keywords:  globalization, the transnational media companies, media system, the media owners, globalized society

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