Author(s):  V.S. Reshetnikov, Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

M.G. Lebedeva, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 42, №1

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  The dynamics of the change in the flow of small rivers on the territory of the Belgorod Region, depending on the physical and climatic conditions, can be of a different nature. In this connection, the study and comparative assessment of the changes in the hydrological regime of the Nezhegol river and the Valuy river as the main tributaries of the largest river artery of the Belgorod region Seversky Donets river. Anthropogenic and climatic factors cause changes in the mean annual flow towards its decline, but the dynamics of the changes occurring for both rivers is not the same. As a result of the conducted research it was revealed that the trend of the average annual flow of the Valuy river shows great dynamics to decrease in comparison with Nezhegol river. Changes in the temperature and precipitation of the investigated river basins in the period fr om 1951 to 2016 show deviations from the norm. A distinctive feature of these climatic characteristics is the long-term trends of temperature growth. The amount of precipitation along with a slight negative deviation from the climatic norm in Belgorod does not have pronounced trends for changes, and in the city of Valuiki it even has a tendency to increase, which, however, can not compensate for the effect of the rise in the temperature regime. For the period 1951–2016 years. The average annual air temperature increased by 0.3–0.4°C. The annual amount of atmospheric precipitation in Belgorod city deviated from the norm by no more than 7.8%, and in Valuiki no more than 0.5%. Such a climatic pattern determines trends in the reduction of the flow of the rivers in question. Anthropogenic component also influences its influence. Since 1971, there has been a general serious decline in the flow of the rivers in question. It is at this time that the massive commissioning of new gas transportation systems on the waterways of the river rises. Nezhegol and the river. Valui, as well as on their tributaries. The most pronounced example of such an effect on runoff is observed on the river. Valuy due to the presence of a large reservoir in the village. Livenka at the source of the river opened in 1978 with a volume of 3.5 million m3 with a surface area of 159 hectares. In addition to the given climatic and anthropogenic factors on the formation of the water regime of the Nezhegol river and the Valuy river affect the physico-geographical conditions of the location of the basins of these rivers. The intra-annual flow of rivers with afforested basins is more regulated than for rivers with less wooded basins, Valui has a more pronounced trend to decline than the stock of the Nezhegol. Affects the location of the Valui river in the South-East of the region, wh ere the climate is more pronounced continental and manifests itself as aridity. In this area, the precipitation increase is not to increase stocks, and to increase spare due to overcome the saturation of air with water point. Figure correlation between the amount of precipitation and the size of the river's flow of the Valuy was 0.20, while that for the Nezhegol occurring in the different physical-geographical conditions, it was 0.42. Indeed, the amount of rainfall and temperature determine changes in the water regime (hydrographic characteristics) of the Valuy, as is evident from the nature of the mapping of relevant characteristics for the Valuy and the Nezhegol. However, correlation coefficients, especially in a case with the Valuy river, are insignificant because influence of climatic factors on hydrographic characteristics is differently mediated environment at various intra annual modes of weather conditions.

Keywords:  average annual runoff, forest cover, climatic factors, physical-geographical conditions, anthropogenic influence.

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