Author(s):  M.M. Karasev, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Orel state University Ivan Turgenev, Orel, Russia

O.V. Belousova, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

E.A. Belousov, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia

E.V. Belousova, Bryansk Medical and Social College. ac. N.M.Amosova, Bryansk, Russia

L.O. Lupandina, OOO Rigla, Apteka №1147, Moscow, Russia

Issue:  Volume 41, №1

Rubric:  Pharmaceutical Sciences

Annotation:  This article presents the results of a pharmacoeconomic study of the range of homeopathic remedies in the pharmacy organization. Medicine based on the treatment of homeopathic remedies, treats human disease as a multidimensional links in the chain that make up a single pathological process. The sooner this process is stopped, the more rapid and complete return to normal function and active functioning of the human organism. Today the pharmaceutical market of the Russian Federation is determined by the growth of a range of medicines. In recent years there has been significant expansion, acquisition, deepening and optimization of the real sector pharmaceutical range of. This also applies to homeopathic medicines. The growth of the range of drugs is associated with the regis-tration of the pharmaceutical market of new drugs with different combinations of active ingredients. This circumstance greatly increased the range of choice of medicines taking into account modern approaches to the treatment of a variety of pathological conditions, individual course of disease and consumer prefer-ences of the Russian population. Currently registered in Russia 581 name of the homeopathic medicines of different formulations and different dosages. However, the lack of economic significance and therapeu-tic failure, assessment of homeopathic remedies is the cause of the limited number of product names of pharmacies. Determining the efficient assortment policy, which contributes not only to meet the needs of visitors, but also improves the economic performance of pharmacies, is one of the urgent issues for pharmaceutical workers. At present, the use of homeopathy in the treatment and prevention is becoming more popular. For a successful business, the market dictates to keep up with the times, taking into account the prefer-ences and wishes of consumers.

Keywords:  homeopathic remedies, pharmacoeconomic analysis, manufacturer, local pharmacy market, the consumer.

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