Method of the assessment of mortality of the population on example Tula region

Author(s):  V.A. Rhromushin, Tula State University, Tula, Russia,

K.Yu. Kitanina, Tula State University, Tula, Russia

S.V. Nikitin, Tula region medical information-analytical centre, Tula, Russia

Issue:  Volume 40, №26

Rubric:  Preventive Medicine

Annotation:  In article is offered one of the methods total (generalizing) of the estimation to mortality of the population on example of the monitoring to mortality in Tula region. As source to information was used register to mortality, in the base which are accumulated and верифицированы events of the deaths of the population Tula region with 2007 on 2016. Validity to information was provided built-in in register by software programs, methods and, first of all, external module of the automatic determination of the initial reason to deaths. The Proposed method of the total estimation to mortality of the population unites three factors: share deceased, estimation on average life expectancy and estimation not linearity speakers to mortality. From executed on Tula region payment is seen that total estimation greatly changes ranking the classes ICD-10 on its value. So mortality from diseases organ digestions approximately сравнялась with new formations: for mans small above, but for woman’s small below. Herewith follows to notice that total estimation powerfully depends on весовых factor. For this reason, the values these weight factor follows to install on the grounds of careful expert estimation. The Offered method of the total estimation to mortality of the population takes into account the factors with miscellaneous by directivity to value and allows as a whole to characterize the situation. The Executed payment of the total estimation on class II "Neoplasm’s" for 2007–2016 shows on trend to improvement in Tula region

Keywords:  analysis, mortality, life expectancy

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