Data measuring system of monitoring stress-strain behaviour of bearing engineering structures and elements

Author(s):  S.V. Sergeev , Dr., Prof., Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulianov, Cheboksary, Russia,

E.D. Vorobyev, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, №1

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  The article describes the methods of organizing assessment of tensioned state in shaft support. The system is based on a remote data reception from gauging stations located in the support. A process chart for experimental data processing has been developed, as well as a measuring process chart and a remote switching units control chart. The chart enables to assess the level of the support tensioned state for the purpose of taking controlling decisions.

Keywords:  vertical shafts, support, gauging stations, tensions, process chart, conversion unit, pulse excitation, signal switching unit, organizational system, interface.

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