The concept of youth subjectivity as simulacrum of sociological science

Author(s):  V.P. Babintsev, Dr., Prof., Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

A.E. Ushamirsky, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Volzhsk Institute of Economics, Pedagogy and Law Formation strategy, Volzskij, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 43, № 3

Rubric:  Sociology and Social Technologies

Annotation:  The article deals with the problem of simulacrum occurrence and spread it in sociological science. It should be stressed that it popularity is justified by the general tendencies of the society development in the period of the so-called "postmodern", and by the specificity of sociological knowledge, the feature of which is the high degree of the scientist freedom in constructing of the research subject. It is substantiated that the deceptive concepts in social science are “imaginary exercises” of author, which don’t adequately reflect the social reality and constitute the examples of “the game of an open mind”. Also it is emphasized that the simulacrums, which don’t relate to reality, can perform a heuristic function in sociology, since they allow us to abandon obsolete theories. In present article, we consider the concept of youth subjectivity as a typical example of a sociological simulacrum. In addition, the reasons for its occurrence and factors contributing to conservation in scientific discourse are determined

Keywords:  youth, sociology of youth, simulacrum, youth subjectivity, generation gap, socialization of youth

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