The issue of participation of judges in social networks in the framework of the judge status

Author(s):  I.E. Fakeeva, no, no, Amur State University, Blagoveshchensk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 45, № 1

Rubric:  Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Annotation:  Nowadays we have a huge number of social networks, there are registered millions of people including judges. The lack of understanding of what is allowed for judges on the Internet, and what is incompatible with their high status, indicates the relevance of studying the ethical side of judges` participation in social networks and requires the establishment of certain guidelines for judges' behaviour in the Internet com-munity, where, as in the administration of justice, they form their image. The author substantiates that social networks act as a means of informing the population about the work of the courts and legal educa-tion of the population, therefore the created on the Internet image of a judge expands the attitude of citi-zens to justice in general. We will consider ethical issues that arise in connection with the participation of judges in social networks, will analyze the limits of the acceptable behaviour of judges in the Internet space, taking into account the special status and in the context of its ongoing modernization, will high-light approaches to the behaviour of judges on social networks. Given the characteristics of the conse-quences of legislatively established restrictions on the status of a judge, we will draw conclusions about the need to help judges in determining possible behaviour on the Internet by establishing criteria for such behaviour, including through the development and specification of a Code of Judicial Ethics.

Keywords:  the status of the judge, ethics of the judge, modernization, social networks.

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