The attitude of different generations of Russians to the state (sociological aspect)

Author(s):  L.G. Lebedeva, no, no, Samara State University of Economics, Samara, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 45, № 1

Rubric:  Sociology and Social Technologies

Annotation:  Harmony of relations and mutual understanding between different generations presupposes a fairly high degree of commonality of basic social values, including the state, whose interests are perceived by fellow citizens as their own. What is the real attitude of Russians to the state? Are Russians of different genera-tions ready to protect the interests of their (existing) state? Despite numerous studies of the relationship between citizens and the state, in some aspects this problem remains insufficiently studied, in particular, in the generational aspect. With this in mind, the author of the article conducted a sociological study, which showed, in particular, the following. The willingness to defend the interests of their state is mostly recognized by representatives of younger age-generational groups ("18-29 years" and "30-44 years"); in the middle - by representatives of the group "50 years and older" and in the least - by representatives of the group "45-49 years". The greatest willingness to defend the interests of their state is shown by those who believe that Russia needs a "legal state, democracy" and a "social state, social security". And those who believe that Russia needs a "liberal state, freedom of the market, and freedom of expression" are the most consistent in the "it doesn't concern me" position. In recent years, the growth of the economy and the welfare of the majority of the population has almost stalled in Russia, which has exacerbated the de-sire of the masses for social security. The development of the state in modern Russia is associated with a set of tasks, including social justice and democracy, social security and ensuring the rights of citizens. These tasks can also be considered as principles of the social state. Citizens of different generations con-sider it necessary to implement these principles more fully in practice. Accordingly, further scientific re-search is needed on the main directions and mechanisms for effective implementation of the principles of the social state.

Keywords:  generations, state, social values, social state, lawful state, liberal state, justice.

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