Methods of studying religious destruction in the secular and confessional paradigms of the Russian Empire

Author(s):  D.I. Mihajlov, no, no, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, № 4

Rubric:  Thesis

Annotation:  Modern philosophical and religious research is based on Soviet and post-Soviet approaches, which were formed about 100 years after the revolution. However, the methodology of studying religious destruction in Russia has deeper roots, but to date there are no Western and domestic works devoted to its study. The authors present the definition of methods that existed in the pre-revolutionary study of religious destruction. The analysis of evolution of methodology of knowledge of religious destruction in secular and confessional paradigms divided into the following groups is given: "Orthodox missionaries-public men", "protective Orthodox clergy", "Orthodox by religion, secular protective researchers"; "nonconfessional protective secular civil servants"; "secular liberal researchers-civil servants and representatives of non-confessional scientific thought". Consideration of the pre-revolutionary methods used in the study of religious destruction, allows us to use the experience for its actualization in the context of modern religious and historical research.

Keywords:  methodology, research methods, religious destruction, pre-revolutionary period, Russian Empire.

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