Power and obedience in christian anthropology

Author(s):  М.V. Kovaleva, candidate of Sciences, no, Kursk state University, Kursk, Russia

А.А. Telegin, candidate of Sciences, no, Kursk state University, Belgorod, Russia

Issue:  Volume 44, № 4

Rubric:  Human Being. Culture. Society

Annotation:  Common psychological, legal analysis of the phenomenon of power too trusting to common sense, a little sensitive to the historical specifics, the logic of speculation, religious experience of mankind. These aspects are less likely to grasp the Genesis of power they become quite correct only when supplemented by philosophical, theological aspects. Only this approach allows us to answer one of the main issues of the third Millennium: what is the power for good or evil, the most important civilizational achievement, or the expression of a persistent aggressive human nature? Considering that the field of power can be extremely small and extremely large, in this article attempt to build one of the projections of power. It stresses that power is evident in the greatest for her fullness when she does not only have power when not power case begin and it ends up that in the human world for ruling there is no inherent reason that the government is positive in its basis only on the condition that it begins with the obedience of that one man truly dominates over the other only getting to his reign sacred sanction.

Keywords:  power, the phenomenology of power, the power of philosophy, Russian religious philosophy, the obedience of a Christian anthropology, culture and spiritual value.

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