Computational algorithm for predicting the time of non-drain cryoproducts storage in stationary and transport vessels

Author(s):  E.S. Soldatov, Joint-stock company «Linde Gas Rus», Balashikha, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 46, № 3

Rubric:  Computer simulation history

Annotation:  This article presents a computational algorithm for predicting the time of non-drainage storage of cryogenic liquids, which operates within the framework of the system for computational modeling of heat and mass transfer processes in stationary and transport cryogenic tanks. The main advantages of using the considered algorithm are the possibilities of taking into account the changing of different operation modes for cryogenic equipment, variable ambient temperature, as well as the technical condition of the screen-vacuum superinsulation, commonly used for long-term storage tanks. The effectiveness of the considered algorithm is provided by using a pre-formed database of computational modeling results of heat and mass transfer processes, obtained from the software of the finite element analysis. Practical recommendations are given for effective application the computational software complex during the choosing of initial filling-degree of cryogenic tanks with liquid, especially for multimodal-type tank-container.

Keywords:  computational algorithm, computational modeling of heat and mass transfer, non-drainage storage, holding time prediction, cryogenic liquid, liquefied natural gas.

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