About inconsistency of separate procedures of electoral process on elections of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation

Author(s):  A.N. Gutorova, candidate of Sciences, no, Southwest State University, Kursk, Russia, allagutorova@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 44, № 3

Rubric:  Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Annotation:  The federal system of Russia assumes the existence of the verticals of power locally. This power is represented in the subjects the head of the subject - the head of the republic, the governor, the mayor (for cities with federal significance). The election procedure for the highest officer of the federation is determined by federal law and the law of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The head of the federation subject is chosen by the population of the subject or deputies of the legislative (representative) body subject of the federation for a period of five years. The law of the subject of the federation controls the ability to participate in elections, set requirements for the number of signatures of deputies in support of the candidate, the requirements for the candidate. It is interesting to review and analyse the implementation of the municipal filter, effects of its application and on practice of the last election to trace the new trends in the nomination candidates for the post of head of the subject. The methodological basis of the study was a set of methods of scientific knowledge: comparative legal, historical legal, complex analysis, comparison and generalization. The result of the held study is held analysis of regional legislation on the election of heads of subjects, elections of the heads of the subjects of the Russian Federation on the single voting day in 2017 and 2018, from the point view of the nomination and election results. Today's political reality clearly demonstrates the necessity of the change in the process of nominating candidates for the position of head of the subject. The municipal filter is largely an obstacle to hold fair and democratic elections. Established practice of the appointment by the President of the acting heads and then passing through the electoral system, puts in doubt the democratic procedures and turns it into a formality. Based on electoral status of the subject head his dismissing and appointing ad hoc candidate which given by the President causes a lot of complaints. In our opinion, more correctly as a matter of law to deputize the duties of a retired chapter before the election by a person holding close position.

Keywords:  head of the subject of the federation, election of the head governor, direct election, resignation of the head of the subject, municipal filter.

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