Youth extremism: sphere of social and legal control

Author(s):  A.V. Rimskiy, candidate of Sciences, Belgorod law Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs. I.D. Putilin, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, № 3

Rubric:  Human Being. Culture. Society

Annotation:  The authors of the article proceed from the conceptual and socio-practical meaning of social and legal control in countering and preventing youth extremism, as the starting point of the reflections in the article is based on the fact that youth extremism in Russian society can not be reduced to the factors of spontane-ity or injustice. In the opinion of the author the value of legal solutions determines the "strength" of law, the ability to be a social regulator, to influence the youth restitutive, updating upbringing influence legal decisions. Youth extremism, and this is the main plot of the article, forms in the public inquiry on the cul-ture of intolerance, degeroizatsii, deromanticize of extremism that is achievable if the socio-legal control of the countering youth extremism is based on stimulation through the Institute of law social activities, social volunteerism youth, in which extremism in the youth environment is presented as asocial, not with the spirit of the time and interests of the youth phenomenon.

Keywords:  youth extremism, social and legal control, culture of intolerance, social order, social security, law enforcement structures, institutional trust.

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