Author(s):  N.N. Tkach, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral Belgorod, Belgorod , Russia, kolaykaq@rambler.ru

Issue:  Volume 44, № 2

Rubric:  Thesis

Annotation:  The article discusses the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church as a mechanism for the formation of Russian statehood and the all-Russian identity. Specific factors of the influence of the Orthodox Church on sociopolitical and cultural processes are determined, such as the construction of churches and the development of parish life, the establishment of religious schools, the formation of church intelligentsia and the implementation of its educational and social projects. The results of the realization of the social functions of Orthodoxy, which in the conditions of the modernization of Russian society actively influence society in several interrelated directions and promote integration into the all-Russian sociopolitical, religious and sociocultural processes, are revealed. Speaking of Russian identity, we understand by it the identification of a person with a people; human involvement in the social and cultural life of the country, a sense of belonging to the past, present and future of the Russian people.

Keywords:  Russian Orthodox Church, identity, Russian society, ideology, nation

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