Assessment of the efficiency of unification of search processes and compression of symbol information

Author(s):  V.V. Serebrovsky, Dr., Prof., South-West State University, Kursk, Russia,

I.N. Efremova, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, South-West State University, Kursk, Russia,

V.V. Efremov, no, no, South-West State University, Kursk, Russia,

N.A. Emelianova, Kursk State Medical University, Kursk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 46, № 2

Rubric:  Computer simulation history

Annotation:  Effective means of information processing are specialized and reconfigurable devices, but the existence of a large number of classes and variants of specialized devices creates difficulties in their use and reduces the advantages of reconfigurable architectures. There is an approach to eliminate these drawbacks, which consists in the aggregation of diverse procedures and their implementation on a single multi-purpose specialized device. At the same time, generalized automaton models make it possible to implement a different class of processes on unified devices, reducing to a significant degree their total hardware complexity and retaining the speed advantages of highly specialized devices. In the framework of this approach, a method of integrated assessment of the effectiveness of combining diverse procedures for their operating, computing and hardware complexity has been developed. At present, as applied to the tasks of processing symbol information, the production approach is effectively used. There is a way to compress symbolic information using a production system and an instrumental basis for evaluating the correctness of the production system for compression. In the main part of the work, the effectiveness of combining the procedures of searching and compressing symbolic information and their implementation in a single unified specialized device is proved. Developed generalized algorithmic models of the processes of search and compression and evaluated the efficiency of combining the considered class of processes by computational complexity. On the basis of the developed algorithms, generalized production automaton models of the processes of searching and compressing symbolic information for two variants are constructed: sequential and parallel matching. On the basis of production models, generalized automaton models of search and compression processes have been developed, which are the basis for building two variants of high-performance unified specialized devices for searching and compressing symbol information.

Keywords:  search of entry, text search, processing of character information, data compression, symbol information, reconfigurable devices, combining of procedures.

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