On the history of railway construction in the central black earth area in the 1920s (according to the specialized editions of the regional planning commission Central Black Earth Region)

Author(s):  E.Yu. Prokofieva, candidate of Sciences, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia, prokofieva@bsu.edu.ru

Issue:  Volume 46, № 2

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  The author shows the dynamic of railway network reconstruction and development on the territory of Central Black Earth Region during 1920-s. The original factual historic and statistical materials of the article allows to analyze the railway network, the structure of the railway trucking industry in 1920-s and to reveal the main points of the first 5-year- plan on the territory of Central Black Earth Region. Rapid reconstruction of the Central Black Earth agriculture in the 1920-s on the background of industry and railway transport recovery lagging are emphasized by the author. Incoming and out coming bread and fuel cargo balance of the Black Earth Region is analyzed in the article. Empirical material of the article indicates the effective measures of 1920-s for railway expanding to enlarge trucking industry during agriculture recovery and industrial modernization. On the other side, business executives while making the first 5-year development plan of the Central Black Earth Region had to consider the National Plan orders to equalize social and economic level of the central territories and the districts of the country, i.e. to give the main attention to the national republics at the expense of the needs of the Central Russia territories.

Keywords:  Central Black Earth Region, Regional Planning Committee, economy zonation, railway building, South-East railway cargo turnover.

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