National and cultural aspects of linguo-creative understanding reality

Author(s):  E.A. Vishnyakova, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Tula State Leo Tolstoy Pedagogical University, Tula, Russia,

O.D. Vishnyakova, Dr., Prof., Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 38, № 1

Rubric:  Linguistics

Annotation:  The process of linguocreative understanding of the reality is considered in terms of the metaphorical character of human thinking, related to the problems of the intellectual and creative abilities of man development. Linguocreativity as a phenomenon that deals with implementation of the creative approach to the use of linguistic potential, can manifest itself at different levels of language, including i phraseology. The phraseological foundation of language, which represents the society’s understanding of cultural phenomena and keeps it in the the long-term memory of the linguocultural community, represents the most difficult area for analysis due to the linguistic consciousness and national-cultural mentality peculiarities, which are reflected in the process of language units functioning in various contexts. The article analyzes The material of the English language is analyzed, which reflects the essential aspects of the reality linguocreative representation in various English-speaking societies, with special attention to the national-cultural aspect of linguocreative transformations in the content and structure of phraseological units.

Keywords:  linguistic creativity, national cultural aspect, phraseological unit, mentality, World view, linguistic potential.

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