Discussion about improvement of material security of parish clergy at meetings of the State Duma of the Russian Empire

Author(s):  S.A. Ikonnikov, candidate of Sciences, Voronezh State Agricultural University, Voronezh, Russia, ikonnikovsergey88@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 45, № 4

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  In the second half of XIX – early XX century the problem of material state of parish clergy was one of the most discussed. Priests were dissatisfied with the level of living. Donations for private services were the main source of material state of orthodox parish clergy. It wasn't pleasant to priests because they had to demand a payment from parishioners. The authority of church was steadily weakening. The salary could solve the problem. Deputies of the State Duma repeatedly discussed an issue of improvement of material state of clergy. In article on the basis of archival materials and the published sources the positions of deputies of the State Duma on the issue of improvement of financial position of clergymen are considered. The author comes to the conclusion that deputies didn't understand internal problems of Russian Orthodox Church. In the post-reform period, there was crisis of parish life. Priests noted the development of religious indifference. In such conditions, it was not possible to solve the material problems of the clergy.

Keywords:  Orthodox Church, the Russian empire, Central Black Earth, parish clergy, material security of parish clergymen, donations for private services, the State Duma.

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