On explication of the concept of ideology

Author(s):  F.A. Papayani, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Donetsk National University, Donetsk, Russia, f.papayani @mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 43, № 4

Rubric:  Human Being. Culture. Society

Annotation:  In the recent three decades the interest of researchers in the issues of ideology has been growing. But even during the two past centuries the concept of ideology itself has never gained a strictly defined meaning and no consensus of academic community has been reached whereas ideology has been granted no scientific status. The paper looks into the most typical attempts and approaches of both domestic and international researchers to explication of this concept. The above attempts have however failed to yield the sought-for definition. The purpose of the research covered by the present paper is to refine the concept of ideology in a comprehensive and scientifically substantiated way with the help of logic tools. A scientific generalization method and a functional approach were also used in the research, which allowed to avoid simplification, overgeneralization, a ‘group’ (class) approach and amorphism of known definitions. An author’s version is offered, which reveals a universal completeness of the ideology concept content and proves that ideology is an essential and therefore indispensable concomitant of each State formation during any historical period.

Keywords:  ideology, concept, explication, world view, state, society, politics, information, propaganda, functional approach.

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