About the management of the regional innovative system

Author(s):  I.L. Litvinenko, candidate of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, innalitvinenko@ya.ru

Issue:  Volume 45, № 4

Rubric:  Investment and innovations

Annotation:  Taking into account the high-speed pace of development of the digital economy, the emergence of a new, VI technological way, the core of which is the synergetic effect of the merger of several branches of knowledge, accelerating innovation processes, and as a consequence, economic growth, the Russian Federation faced with the need to revise its strategic position in the direction of the development of innovation as a basis for the transition to a new socio-economic level. In the current situation, the lack of financial resources, the reduction of financing for infrastructure projects, the fall in energy prices, the sanctions regime, the focus on innovative development will ensure the adaptation of the Russian economy to the current situation and the subsequent recovery of economic growth. In this regard, the question of finding the optimal set of management actions in relation to the regional innovation system as a key element of the development of the national innovation system is actualized. Within the framework of the present research the author makes an attempt to analyze the existing theoretical and methodological bases of regional innovation system management

Keywords:  innovations, innovative development, innovative activity, national innovative system, regional innovative system, economic growth

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