Folklore of Nadezhda Fenina's creativity

Author(s):  V.B. Bakula, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Murmansk Arctic State University, Murmansk , Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, № 4

Rubric:  Linguistics

Annotation:  The article explores the folklorism of the creativity of the Sami writer Nadezhda Fenina, who until now has not been the subject of scientific analysis. The urgency of the problem posed for Russian Sami literature, which is part of the literary Finno-Ugric process, is beyond doubt. The object of research is the work of Nadezhda Phenina, the subject is the oral-poetic tradition in it. The peculiarity of the artistic-aesthetic system of N. Fenin is due to its interest in folk culture, deep knowledge of the pagan beliefs of the ancient Saami, shamanic practice. Mythological and folklore images and motifs in her works reflect the most ancient archetypes of Sami culture. N. Fenina transforms the myth-folkloric elements, constructing the artistic reality of his works. The central idea in her work is the idea of the unity of nature and man, following the laws of ancestors. Folk-ethnographic context, which preserves the aesthetics of folklore, and ideological folklore, is characteristic of N. Phenin's work, since the writer in her works reflects the peculiarities of the outlook of the reindeer-breeding people, the views of the ancient Sami on world order. Appeal to the myth-folklore sources, the selection of folk material and its further use determine the artistic and aesthetic system of the national writer and, ultimately, the originality of Sami literature. The mythological and folklore itself in their relationship in the works of N. Fenin is modeling the picture of the Sami world. Under the conditions of Russian-speaking, the disappearance of the native language, it is literature that conveys cultural values and mental concepts of the ethnos. The value of the indissoluble merger of man and nature, interdependence and interdependence, nature conformance, which were characteristic of the pagan understanding of the Sami in the distant past, turned out to be relevant now, in the XXI century.

Keywords:  Sami literature, Kola Sami, myth-folk sources, archetypes, shamanism, world outlook folklore.

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