Study of dependence of coefficient of diffusion from concentration in the initial stage of process

Author(s):  A.T. Kuznetsov, Scientifically-research institute of experimental and theoretical physics, Almaty, Republic Kazakhstan,

Issue:  Volume 50, № 4

Rubric:  Physics

Annotation:  In this work the initial stage of diffusion is studied on setting of method of open fr om one end capillary, wh ere at the analysis of experimental data was found out dependence of coefficient of mutual diffusion on a concentration and anomalously large coefficients of mutual diffusion. Because the method of open from one end capillary has mathematical limitations for the use of calculation formula in initial times, then a mathematical model in that the coefficient of mutual diffusion depends on a concentration was built. The calculations of coefficients of mutual diffusion were produced on mathematical formulas, got model, and necessary parameters for calculations from an experiment. The dependence of the coefficient of mutual diffusion of the concentration was approximatively by a polynomial of the sixth degree. Technically such polynomial dependence is needed for prevention of errors, that will arise up at the analysis of gases, or mixture of gases in gas analyzers that got a wide use in many spheres of industry. At the analysis of results the high coefficients of mutual diffusion are educed anomalously in initial times. The analysis of anomaly showed that such dynamics of development of process of diffusion is possible in the imaginary point of diffusive length, exceeding the size of diffusive cell in 2,474 time

Keywords:  coefficient of mutual diffusion, concentration, diffusive capillary, diffusive length, diffusive anomaly

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